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Finnish melodic metal band PHOENIX TITAN released their debut album AVATAR OF FIRE

Finnish melodic metal group PHOENIX TITAN have released their powerful debut album AVATAR OF FIRE. The album is available as CD and listenable on online streaming services.


Listen to the album:


Phoenix Titan is a five-piece group from Finland playing tight melodic metal. The history of the band began 2014 and all the band members have around 20 years experience of recording and playing live on several different bands.


The debut album ”Avatar of Fire” is released on September 27th 2019 via Inverse Records. The recording of the album began on summer 2017 and the final studio tracks were recorded early 2019. The album is recorded and produced by Aksu Hanttu (S-Tool, Tuoni, Entwine) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers. Common denominator on all of the album tracks is catchy riffs and melodies combined to fierce energy.



Harri Ahola - vocals

Santtu Rautiainen - guitar

Topi Vuorela - guitar

Tatu Rautiainen - drums

Juhana ”Jusa” Ovaska - Bass


Band comments on the recording process:

"We wanted to put effort to the quality of the recording on every production phase. Even as it took a lot more time, nerves and bad humor than we expected. The professional work can be seen and heard on the record. We are really satisfied with the album and we are looking forward the live shows to come."


Phoenix Titan
Avatar Of Fire
01. Torment Of Vanity
02. Metal Shark
03. Accused
04. Ride For Vengeance
05. Will I Ever Find My Peace?
06. Napalm Phoenix
07. (In)Sanity
08. The Game
09. Chosen One