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Road to redemption - Bailout has released their second full length album

Bailout has released their second full-length album “Road to Redemption” today on the 21st of February.


The band has been around since 2010 and they think that their sound is starting to be where it should be: Catchy heavy rock with a dash of progressive rock, trumpet and 90’s metal. The various styles and different tastes in music within the band have been successfully forged to a natural and unique musical expression.



“Road to Redemption” is a colorful journey, as the opening track “Just a Ride” seems to imply. Greed, hopelessness, nostalgia, sinking to the depths of the mind, turning the page - what comes next? The album is an important milestone for the band in terms of musical expression and song writing. From now on the band feels that there are no limits and everything is possible. The album starts a new chapter in Bailout’s story.


Bailout - Road to Redemption
Release date: February 21th 2020
Label: Self released
01. Just a Ride
02. Ozymandias
03. Road to Redemption
04. Desert of Ecstasy
05. 1999
06. A Crack in the Mirror
07. Into the Light
08. Accelerated Evolution 
09. Raison D'etre